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People have been anonymously sharing their lockdown confessions – ranging from the oh-so-relatable to the fantastically eyebrow-raising.
The government-branded ad saying 'Rethink. Reskill. Reboot' has been circulating on Twitter.
Financial help for the beleaguered arts sector has finally been confirmed, but is it enough to save the industry?
Fundamentally unworkable in a pandemic, the theatre industry has been badly hit by the virus - and as redundancies have begun, experts fear mass closures aren't far away.
Sustainability is a major focus at London Design Festival 2019, with many creators making thought-provoking installations placed at the event’s lead venue, the Victoria and Albert Museum. They include a giant cube with images of plastics surrounding sea creatures and a narrow room that is designed to make visitors feel trapped and confused.
'If you’re putting something out there that represents women, you should be representing more than one type of woman.'
Can he save the legendary institution from collapse?
Working together to protect education and its power to be an equaliser is the key, not getting rid of acknowledging it, cutting off what is often the only equaliser - that if you do well in your exams, you can go to a good university and have this on your CV as you make your way in your career.