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BEAT THE WEEK: News Quiz 16 November

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It's not been a good week for the Conservatives | PA

From kangaroo testicles (I'm a Celeb) to Corby by-elections, the last seven days have seen politicians make fools of themselves both on-screen and off.

So, calling pub quizzers, news junkies and general madcaps... have you been paying attention?

Challenge yourself in Huff Post UK's news quiz and give yourself a big pat on the back for making it through till Friday.

BEAT THE WEEK: 16 November

  •  <HH--PHOTO--WINKING-WOMAN--865987--HH>

    Question 1 of 20

    What have two thirds of women experimented with?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--DORRIES--865936--HH>

    Question 2 of 20

    Nadine Dorries underwent fresh humiliation in I'm a Celeb this week but what parts of an animal was she forced to eat?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--FUR-COAT--865954--HH>

    Question 3 of 20

    How are Peta promoting their anti fur campaign?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--CHRIS-GAYLE--865974--HH>

    Question 4 of 20

    Chris Gayle became the first batsman to hit a six off the opening ball in a Test match this week, but in what year was the first ever Test match played?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--CHILD-READING--865995--HH>

    Question 5 of 20

    Journalist Lauren Davidson said which writer should never be taught to children?


    Question 6 of 20

    Which book is outselling Pippa Middleton's Celebrate?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--STEVEN-GERRARD--865906--HH>

    Question 7 of 20

    Steven Gerrard won his 100th cap for England against Sweden, but who were the opponents when he made his England debut?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--MAD-INVENTOR--866013--HH>

    Question 8 of 20

    What useful invention hit the markets this week?


    Question 9 of 20

    The government announced flexible working for parents this week, with maternity leave to be shared by both parents from 2015 - but what percentage of the UK workforce is female?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--SHADES-OF-GREY--866036--HH>

    Question 10 of 20

    MPs quizzed representatives from Amazon, Google and Starbucks over their tax affairs this week - but which MP made the whole room laugh when they revealed Amazon had suggested they should read Fifty Shades Of Grey?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--JULIAN-ASSANGE--866044--HH>

    Question 11 of 20

    Where will Assange next be spotted in public?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--LADY-GAGA--866049--HH>

    Question 12 of 20

    Lady Gaga unveiled a new tattoo on her neck this week - what did it say?

  • <HH--PHOTO--MICHAEL-GOVE--866053--HH>

    Question 13 of 20

    Which obscure genre of poetry has Michael Gove endorsed?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--MEAT--866063--HH>

    Question 14 of 20

    What nefarious activities were attributed to meat-eaters (by an Indian textbook) this week?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--X-FACTOR--866077--HH>

    Question 15 of 20

    Which X Factor star has had a famous dish renamed after them?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--JOHN-LEWIS--866087--HH>

    Question 16 of 20

    The John Lewis Christmas Advert has been on screens this week, but what does it feature?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--BIRTHDAY-CAKE--866083--HH>

    Question 17 of 20

    Which high profile figure had a birthday this week?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--LUNCH--865920--HH>

    Question 18 of 20

    Which MP had their lunch stolen this week?


    Question 19 of 20

    What was the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year?

  •  <HH--PHOTO--JASON-BIGGS--866074--HH>

    Question 20 of 20

    What did American Pie Star Jason Biggs call David Cameron?


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