25/11/2012 09:42 GMT

Car Crashes Caused By Dogs, Coffee Cups And High Heels Says, More Than Poll

Dogs and coffee cups are among causes of accidents to car drivers, according to a poll.

Inappropriate footwear is also to blame for some crashes, a survey by insurance company More Than found.

The poll found that empty drinks containers, including coffee cups and bottles, were the main in-car items that cause accidents or near-misses.

car crashes

Scrapes or near-misses from such incidents were most rife in London, followed by the West Midlands and Wales

Those surveyed reported that the containers rolled underneath their pedals and led to a smash or a near-smash.

Dogs clambering on to drivers' laps to seek attention was another in-car hazard, as was inappropriate footwear such as high heels.

More Than managing director Janet Connor said: "The potential dangers and distractions outside the car are well known but, as the evidence suggests, those within the car are often forgotten.

"It's not always possible to control what happens on the road but it's clear that motorists can go some way in making their driving safer by paying closer attention to the hazards in their vehicles."