Tulisa Contostavlos' new footballer boyfriend Danny Simpson has allegedly been sending texts to hooker Jenny Thompson, who is known for her affair with Wayne Rooney.

Danny was apparently sending messages to Jenny asking her to send him photos of herself - despite her being eight months pregnant at the time and the sportsman already planning his first date with the pop star.

Revealing the texts, sent over a seven hour period, to The Sun, Jenny said she thinks that Tulisa would be best off staying away from Danny.

Jenny claims she was shocked to see the pair together in the newspaper just days after he had been sending her messages as she didn’t realise he was in relationship with anyone.

In addition to his relationship with Tulisa, Danny's former partner Stephanie Ward has also stated that Danny knew she was pregnant with their second child when he went out on a date with the singer.

Jenny told the newspaper: "When he texted me I didn’t know he was with anyone. I feel bad to know he was now. I think he's been playing both Stephanie and Tulisa. I would say to Tulisa 'watch out', because he's not exactly loyal. He's a nice lad but on the relationship side of things he's not exactly committed."

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  • Tulisa love, you appear to have made a dress out of the contents of our Nana's 'special occasion' wrapping paper drawer.

  • Tulisa shows off the latest hair trend... for drag queens.

  • Believe it or not, this isn't one of the cast members of the film 'Kidulthood'.

  • Where Tulisa's from this is considered tres chic, innit.

  • Words actually fail us.

  • Tulisa once proudly proclaimed she bought her clothes from "Matalan, brrrrap!". Yep, we can tell.

  • If Jane Norman was still open, we reckon they would've snapped Tulisa up to be the face of the brand.

  • No, Tulisa hasn't been tarred and feathered, she actually chose to wear this.

  • Looks like Tulisa got carried away playing around in Katie Price's dressing up box.

  • Even X Factor judges are prone to a spot of the dreaded camel toe.

  • We didn't realise Tulisa was in 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'.

  • Tulisa, Vicky Pollard's been on the phone and she's asked for her look back.

  • All she needs is a couple of parrots hanging from those earrings and this outfit would be complete. Completely awful.

  • The Croydon facelift look is still a favourite of Tulisa's, despite leaving dreadful clothes like this behind.

  • You <em>should</em> look ashamed, love.

  • Someone should really tell her it's dark outside so she can lose the diamante encrusted sunglasses.

  • Taking tan advice from the cast of 'TOWIE' is never a good idea.

  • Thank goodness she has a stylist these days. Now at least she has someone to blame for get-ups like this.