Even thousands of miles away in South-East Asia, Boris Johnson appears to attract the buffoonery that we have come to expect from him closer to home.

The mayor of London, who is in India on a six-day tour to promote British ties with the world's tenth largest economy, was the victim of mistaken identity not once but twice over the weekend.

Firstly he was dubbed "The King of England" before someone decided that he was in fact German tennis legend, Boris Becker. So who is it?

The Huffington Post UK have decided to put the matter to rest once and for all and bring you a round-up of Johnson lookalikes so you can decide for yourself.

Add your own suggestions in the comments below.

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  • Michael Fabricant

    Yes, ridiculous floppy hair is enough to get you in this gallery

  • Boris Becker

    The German famed for his tennis skills rather than any political ability

  • King Henry VIII

    Of all the Kings of England, Henry is the most "Johnson" of them all

  • A Sultry Orangutan

    This orangutan listens to Lionel Richie and has silk bedsheets. Probably

  • Matt Lucas

    Only when he wears a wig, obviously

  • A Shorn Alpaca

    Without doubt the most convincing of all the offerings on show here

  • Donald Trump

    They could almost be trans-Atlantic brethren. The only difference between Trump and Johnson is that in the UK some people actually like Johnson

  • The Dulux Dog

    An uncanny resemblance

  • A Fluffy Penguin

    This is pushing it

  • Johnson in a Cycling Helmet

    Just to remind you before you see...

  • Cartman

    ...this. The legendary Cartman from South Park.