The Indian prime minister will attend the consecration of a grand Hindu temple at the same site on Monday.
Boris Johnson set a deadline of October last year for the agreement to be struck.
Uday Mahurkar, India's information commissioner, urged director Christopher Nolan to cut the sex scene from his film.
“The fact that they continue to whitewash him by giving them a platform is very worrying,” said one human rights activist.
On Sunday, a few shattered carriages, mangled and overturned, were the only remnants of the tragedy.
Two passenger trains have derailed in India, killing more than 230 people and trapping hundreds of others inside more than a dozen damaged rail cars.
This big cat wasn't cool with a tigress stealing his meal in India, a new online video shows.
The app was very popular at the time the Indian government decided to impose a ban — and it had a big impact.
The Indian government has dismissed the series, which is critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, as "propaganda."
Other countries, including the US, France and India, have also imposed testing.