PM is due to meet Narendra Modi as part of shortened trip as the UK aims to strike a post-Brexit trade deal.
Batch of 1.7m coronavirus doses must be retested, while there has been a delay in a the delivery of doses from India.
Cockfights are still common in some southern Indian states.
The devastating scene was captured in a number of videos.
It’s been a quiet year. Not much happened really. The sh*tshow that was 2020 in 220 seconds.
As news channels showed freight drivers caught at the port of Dover following France’s decision to close its borders to try and contain a new mutant strain of coronavirus, Britain’s Khalsa Aid, a Sikh community group, swept into action to provide the drivers with food.
It is the latest gaffe by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who once referred to Africa as "that country".
Former healthcare worker Ian Jones is intensive care after being bitten by the snake in north west India.
Passenger aircraft on repatriation flight from Dubai overshoots runway.
In its depiction of Desi millenials looking for love, Netflix refuses to call out racism, colourism and classism, Dan Hastings writes.