28/02/2021 14:45 GMT

Rooster With Blade Tied To Its Leg Kills Owner During Illegal Cockfight

Cockfights are still common in some southern Indian states.

Roosters attack each other during a cockfight as part of Udpur festival near Dharamtul in Morigaon District of Assam , India on Jan 19,2021

An Indian man has died after his rooster slashed him in the groin with a knife tied to its leg during an illegal cockfight.

According to police, the bird fluttered in panic and cut its owner, 45-year-old Thangulla Satish, last week.

Police inspector B Jeevan said Satish was injured while he prepared the rooster for a fight.

“Satish was hit by the rooster’s knife in his groin and started bleeding heavily,” the officer said, adding that the man died on the way to hospital.

Jeevan said police filed a case and were looking for more than a dozen people involved in organising the cockfight. If proven guilty, the organisers can be jailed for up to two years.

Officer Jeevan said the rooster was brought to the police station before being taken to a local poultry farm.

“We may need to produce it before the court,” he said.

Images of the rooster tied with a rope and pecking on grains at the police station were widely viewed on social media.

The incident occurred in Lothunur village in Telangana state and brings into a practice that continues in some Indian states despite a decades-old ban.

Cockfights are common in the southern Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka despite a countrywide ban imposed in 1960.

Animal rights activists have for long been calling to control the illegal practice, which is mainly organised as part of local Hindu festivals usually attended by hundreds of people, though the crowds sometimes swell to thousands.

The cockfights are often held under the watch of powerful local politicians and involve large sums of betting money.

Last year, a man was killed when a blade attached to his bird’s leg hit him in the neck during a cockfight in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2010, a rooster killed its owner by slashing his jugular vein in West Bengal state.

According to police, the rooster involved in last week’s incident was among many other roosters prepared for the cockfight betting festival in Lothunur village.

As the practice goes, a knife, blade or other sharp-edged weapon is tied to the leg of a bird to harm its rival.

Such fights continue until one contestant is either dead or flees, declaring the other rooster the winner.