30/11/2012 10:17 GMT

New Mum Names Her Baby 'Hashtag' (PHOTO)

There are an awful lot of bizarre names around nowadays - as we were saying to our colleague, Ivor Biggun, only the other week.

So it takes something really special to make us stop and do a double-take. But this is something really special. Ready? It appears that a proud new mum has named her baby daughter 'Hashtag'. Well, that's what she announced on Facebook anyway...

hashtag baby name

Hashtag? Hashtag? You can't call a baby after a punctuation symbol. Where will the madness end? Ampersand? Asterisk? Colon? That said, we do have a very good friend called Dot.

Anyway, fingers crossed, the Facebook name announcement was merely a post-childbirth typo. And if it wasn't? Never mind, kid - at least your mum didn't decide to call you Mitt Romney like that poor baby in Kenya...

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