Chris Brown Smokes Three Joints At Once In Amsterdam... Then Apologises To Fans

05/12/2012 10:09

Chris Brown, king of controversy, has done it again.

The R&B has posted pictures of him and his mates getting high in Amsterdam, with one showing him smoking three joints at once.

chris brown smoking weed

Chris was in the Dutch capital ahead of a gig on Tuesday night and looked to be taking full advantage of the Netherland's relaxed drug laws.

chris brown

“Oh don't worry. It's medicinal!! Lol," he captioned one of the snaps.


Other pictures showed him looking all boogily-eyed as he enjoyed more doobies with his pals at The Greenhouse canabis coffee shop where they stayed until 9am.

chris brown

chris brown

Chris later took to Instagram to apologise to fans who were shocked by the snaps.

"Oh Amsterdam y'all are treating me so well!" he wrote.

"I'm sorry to everyone who got offended to my weed pics. I apologize but if y'all don't like it then don't do it. It's simple."

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