05/12/2012 09:23 GMT | Updated 03/02/2013 10:12 GMT

Real Life Far Cry 3: Devin Supertramp Makes Live-Action Video Game

If real life were like a video game, it would be quite different. We'd all be committing crimes, constantly, or else disappearing into giant pipes to gather coins.

Fortunately there are people like Devin Supertramp out there willing to come up with something a bit more realistic.

He's created a 'real life' version of jungle action shooter Far Cry 3, and it's pretty spectacular.

Yes, it's only 'real life' in that it's filmed and not computer generated - the hero is still a basically immortal super-being, and nobody gets tired, arrested or needs to use the bathroom. But it's still pretty entertaining.

Take a look, above.