Times are hard and we all have to bring home the money wherever and however we can. So if that means taking a baby out busking, so be it.

OK, OK - we're only joking. All the same, we can't help noticing that the cute little warbler in the video above is doing a marvellous job at bringing in the punters. Nice work, kid! Know any Abba songs?

Anyway, enough of this particular baby! Let's raise the tone a tad and look at the history of royal babies instead...

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  • Until 1956, all royal babies were kept in cages.

  • Male royal babies are forced to wear dresses until they are at least 16.

  • All royal babies get their names by combining four names popular during the Victorian era with the name 'Windsor'. For example: the royal baby pictured here was named Elizabeth Arthur Mary Henry Windsor.

  • One in 500,000 royal babies is born to a clown.

  • Royal babies are taught the royal wave from a very young age...

  • ...but it can take some royal babies at least two years to perfect.

  • It is unusual, but not unknown, for royal babies to break the law. For example, here was Prince Edward leaving Wormwood Scrubs, where he spent time for pickpocketing a jockey.

  • All royal babies look like the young Winston Churchill - a fact which endlessly amuses their families.

  • Amazingly, some elderly members of the royal family have never seen a baby before.

  • Royal babies are encouraged to pursue their passions from an early age. For example, Prince William here loves dancing.

  • It can take some royal babies a long time to understand where the photographer is.

  • Royal babies are surprisingly flexible.

  • Incredibly, some royal babies are afraid of heights.

  • It is impossible to guess the sex of a royal baby from its attire.

  • From a very early age, royal babies have their sights set very high for them.

  • Royal babies grow up in the grounds of fairytale castles, where they vie for attention with corgis.

  • Royal babies are encouraged to drive their own prams at a very early age.

  • Royal protocol insists that new mothers must always wear hats when in the presence of their babies.

  • Only one in 50,000 royal babies is born ginger.

  • <em>Everyone</em> is happy when a royal baby arrives.