It's been a prolific year in the world of celebrity Twitter pictures - Victoria Beckham used it to prove that she really does have a sense of humour, Rihanna used it to show off her body (many, many times), while One Direction used it to show off their ever growing collection of tattoos.

But they were by no means the only celebs giving us a glimpse of their showbizzy lives. So as we enter a new year, we have picked our favourite celebrity Twitpics of the year.

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  • It's a case of This Morning after the night before for Holly Willoughby.

  • "Who ordered the frappe?"

  • Don't be fooled, this really isn't Kim Kardashian. No, honestly, it isn't!

  • RiRi just loves eating feta cheese off bald mens' heads

  • Introducing baby Teddy. And Robbie's new muscles.

  • Is that a sock down your front Rylan, or are you just pleased to see us.

  • Jodie Marsh does her best impression of a Curly Wurly

  • Because we will NEVER tire of seeing Tom Daley semi-naked.

  • Oh careful love, we can almost see your Lady Ga-garden.

  • Miley Cyrus shows what happens when you get in a fight with a lawnmower.

  • Kelly Brook, you cheeky so-and-so. Literally.

  • Ant and Dec familiarise themselves with Holly's trophies.

  • 'Sorry mum, I can't stop dating women your age'

  • The Girls are back in town!

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for a very Posh landing".

  • Zayn Mailk ditches his bad boy image for a cute snap with girlfriend Perrie Edwards. Awww.

  • Bet Gary 'Borelow' was 'well jel' of Nicole Scherzinger's Essex visit.

  • Heidi Klum goes bodysurfing.

  • Chris Brown, we can still see you hiding behind Rihanna.

  • And the award for worst tats of the year goes to... Harry Styles!

  • Yep Imogen Thomas. We got it, you are pregnant.

  • Ouch! Looks painful, Lady Gaga.

  • Chris Brown, king of controversy, strikes again.

  • Geez, you could at least try and smile, Posh.

  • The Osbournes play happy families. Oh how things change in 10 years.