Christmas is a time for giving, for sharing, and being with family. Following which you sit down with a massive turkey sandwich and play video games until your eyes bleed.

We've just about come to the end of this year's gaming releases before everyone has to run out to the shops/go online and actually buy them for people.

So what games will the people in your life want this Crimbo? And what games should you try and play yourself?

We've selected our top 15 titles below - each will give you hours of entertainment, and a few will even let you have fun with other people and not just the disembodied voices of your Xbox Live and PSN foes.

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  • Lego Lord of the Rings

    Lego Lord of the Rings is the best Lego game ever made - or so we said in our review. It's funny. action-packed and beautifully detailed, and has bags of content to keep even the most jaded gamer - young or old - happy.

  • Rocksmith

    Rocksmith is basically Guitar Hero with a real guitar - your existing guitar. And it works. <a href="">The result is an incredibly fun, engaging experience that actually teaches you something useful.</a>

  • Nintendo Land

    Nintendo's Wii U is all about multiplayer - and not just online. It's a system that wants you to play with your friends, on your couch - and Nintendo Land is the showcase of how that works. Featuring 12 mini games, each of which shows off the Wii U's GamePad controller, it's an essential buy if you like playing games with human people.

  • Assassin's Creed III

    Assassin's Creed 3 got relatively mixed reviews when it came out, including from us. But we think it deserves your attention anyway. It's a huge and sprawling game, but one in which the historical setting is more than just window dressing. The free-running is as smooth and fluid as ever, and the naval combat adds new depth.

  • Little Big Planet 2

    Little Big Planet 2 is a fun and creative take on the staid platformer formula. It also features Sackboy, who is so loveable it actually hurts.

  • ZombiU

    Nintendo owe Ubisoft a pint - this survival-horror game is the best title out for the Wii U at launch, and makes better use of the GamePad controller than even Nintendo managed on its own Nintendo Land and Mario games. It's scary, dark and twisted - and set in London.

  • XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Yes, it's turn based. But it's also one of the deepest, most complex strategy games in recent years. For the PC gamer in your family, it will provide literally months of entertainment - as long as they're patient...

  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

    With all the hoopla about Nintendo's Wii U, don't forget the 3DS. The kids in your family who have one won't - and the new Professor Layton game will give them hours more fun with their dual-screen handheld. It's the first 3D Layton game, and while it's a bit tired around the edges it's got the same blend of awesome puzzles and cute animation as ever.

  • Fez

    Who didn't fall in love with Fez in 2012? This independent 3D platform game is original, calm and unique, and after being featured in Indie Game: The Movie went on to be one of the most successful indie game launches of all time. Get the one you love some MicrosoftSonyWhatever-Points and download this game for them.

  • Mass Effect 3

    One of the most controversial endings in gaming history slightly overshadowed what was also one of the best games. Now it's out for Wii U too - so you have no reason not to dive into its rich world of choices and consequences and shooting aliens.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    We know, we know. How dull. But we can't not include it. It's just too immense.

  • Halo 4

    Like CoD, this is a no-brainer. If you have an XBox, and you like First Person Shooters, get this game. It's massive, action-packed and thoughtfully plotted. A great romp.

  • Dishonored

    Dishonored looks like just another action-killathon from its trailer. It's much, much better than that. It's a slow-burn, strategic assassination game that owes more to Thief than most action games. It's also probably the best-reviewed game of the year.

  • F1 2012

    Formula One games have recovered mightily from the doldrums of a few years ago - a bit like the sport itself, in fact. Codemasters' latest is the best-looking yet, and features all of the new tracks, drivers and teams. It's still about difficult as driving a real F1 car, though, so don't expect to out-race Lewis Hamilton right away.

  • FIFA 13

    FIFA 13 is the best football game we've ever played - fast, deep, responsive and beautiful. A must-purchase if you haven't experienced FIFA for a while.