How To Achieve Long Life: 7 Lessons On Longevity From 2012 (PICTURES)

28/12/2012 12:36

With inspirational over 50s hitting the headlines throughout 2012 - think Carmen Dell'Orefice gracing the catwalk at New York Fashion Week aged 81 and Hiroshi Hoketsu, 71, representing Japan in the Olympics - it has never been so fashionable to be in the autumn of life.

To make sure we get the most out of this new zest for later life, HuffPost 50 have pulled together seven key lessons from the past 12 months on living longer.

The research shows that simple changes to nutrition, fitness and sleep could add years to life.

Let us know your secrets to staying healthy in old age in the comments below

What We Learned About Longevity In 2012
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