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Plan B is being scrapped, but don't throw your mask out yet.
Soon you won't need to wear a face mask, work from home, or show a Covid pass. Thoughts?
Suffered a post-jab headache? Anxiety and anticipation might be to blame.
"That one action can literally kill someone else.”
“I feel very lucky that they caught it early and expect positive results from my chemo plan," the multi-Grand Slam-winning athlete said.
In the past three months, more than 1,000 children have been admitted to hospital with the virus.
Those sniffles weren't so bad after all.
A variant that combines Omicron and Delta has been identified, but some scientists say it's a false alarm.
You can catch Covid more than once. Here's what we know about reinfection, Omicron and boosters.
Some 218,724 infections reported on Tuesday is a new record.
Some 189,213 infections reported on Thursday.
"Abhorrent" group rips down signs, throws traffic cones and steals medical supplies.
Infections topped six figures for the first time a week ago.
Some 122,186 infections reported – the third day in six figures.
Research shows Omicron is leading to fewer hospitalisations – but it's not all good news.
There will be no further Covid restrictions before Christmas, but what does this mean for New Year and beyond?