New year's eve can be a stressful time.

Despite the rain, the dark nights and the festive bloat, there's a kind of piquant expectation that one should dust off the dancing shoes and head into town.

For every happy reveller that saw in the New Year with a glass of bubbly and a gunpowder bang, there was another disappointed drunkard hailing an overpriced taxi home... alone.

So meet these inspired "netizens", who instead of braving the urban wilds, decided to greet 2013 in a more unconventional way.

Flick through for some hopeful New Year stories.

(photos courtesy of imgur)

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  • A non alcoholic NYE

    <a href="">"He really enjoyed this."</a>

  • Couldn't make it till midnight

    <a href="">Granddaughter and her cat sleeping on a flat Giraffe</a>

  • New Year, New Resolution?

    "I was involved in a car accident earlier this year. Found this tucked under my windshield wiper blade when I returned to my car this evening."

  • Hoping for better health

    "I don't know how you're spending your New Year's Eve, but here's how I'm spending mine. Here's to hoping it's not cancer! Happy New Year!"

  • Slippers and sofa time

    "My buddies and I on New Year's Eve (Or rather, my legs and my buddies)"

  • Home alone with babybel

  • Toasting the other netizens

  • Family Time

    <a href="">"This is my dad's first NYE alone. I decided to blow off all my friends and spend it right next to him."</a>

  • Playing games

    "How I am spending my New Years. Playing battleship with my bearded dragon Thor."

  • Tard Hates New Year

  • Finishing the lego superstar destroyer

  • New Year's Fort

    <a href="">Inside the fort</a>

  • New Year Fort

  • Making Soup

    <a href="">"I came into the kitchen to make soup and found this..."</a>

  • Preparing for returning friends

    <a href="">"Thought my roommate was bringing a girl home tonight, so naturally I did this to his bedroom"</a>