Harry Styles Topless: One Direction Singer Reveals Heavily Tattooed Body On Caribbean Holiday (PICS)

08/01/2013 12:57

So now that Harry Styles is single again after splitting from Taylor Swift, who wants to swoon at some topless pictures of the One Directioner?

Thought that might be your answer.

harry styles topless

During his trip to the Caribbean (where he and Taylor are said to have had a blazing row that ended their relationship) the singer was caught topless as he kicked back at the beach.

There is a God!

But Harry looked more like he belonged in a rock band rather than a boyband with the collection of dodgy tats he proudly showed off.

He has around 30 inkings, including including two swallows on his chest, James Bond's lucky gambling number, 17 Black, on his collarbone, his sister's name, Gemma, in Hebrew, and more randomly, a coat hanger, padlock, birdcage, and screw.

Harry also looked liked he'd had a bit of an outbreak of pimples too as he strutted around in just his swimshorts.

harry styles topless

Sometimes we forget he is still a teenager.

gym competition

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