Oprah Winfrey's Lance Armstrong Interview Tops 'Confessionals' With Tom Cruise, Marion Jones & Whitney Houston

15/01/2013 13:58 | Updated 18 January 2013

Oprah Winfrey's interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong crowns a lengthy career of coaxing confessionals from celebrities.

The talk-show host, who secured an exclusive interview with Armstrong in the wake of his doping scandal, has often lent a sympathetic ear to a public face during the various incarnations of her show and persona.

She later told CBS This Morning the interview with Armstrong had been the "biggest" of her entire career.

oprah winfrey

A shoulder to cry on: Oprah Winfrey

Jones wept three times and read out a letter she'd written to her children from prison. She said: "Oprah, I didn't love myself enough to tell the truth."

Oprah also played an instrumental part in Ellen DeGeneres' "coming out" live on TV in 1997. Winfrey played the part of a therapist who helped DeGeneres realise she was gay during the "puppy" episode of her namesake show.

Most recently Oprah has provided a shoulder to cry on for fellow talk-show host David Letterman. The pair discussed everything from his depression to his sex scandal in 2009.


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