Lil Kim Surgery: Singer Looks Unrecognisable As She Debuts New Face (Again)

06/02/2013 15:08 | Updated 08 February 2013

With her hamster cheeks, smooth complexion and Michael Jackson nose, Lil Kim gave us a bit of a fright as she stepped out in West Hollywood earlier this week.

lil kim surgery

The rapper's new surgically enhanced look has left her virtually unrecognisable from her 90s heyday - in fact the only thing we could identify her by is the trademark beauty spot above her lip.

lil kim

Kim's new look (left) and how she looked in 1999 (right)

While Kim has never exactly opted for the natural look, her latest session under the knife has really caused a stir and she soon began trending worldwide on Twitter when the snaps went viral.

However, Kim - real name Kimberly Denise Jones - played it much safer with her fashion choices, opting for an on-trend sheer monochrome outfit.

Good to see that she has learnt less is more. Now, if only she could apply that to her love of surgery too...

The Ever-Changing Face Of Lil Kim
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