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Guillaume Binard's Oceanwings Flight Suit: Fly Underwater Like A... Flying Fish? (VIDEO)

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A French designer has come up with a way to 'fly' underwater - if you're prepared to look a little silly.

Guillaume Binard developed the Oceanwings suit as a way to realise the dream of flight-like movement in open water.

The design looks similar to wingsuits used by skydivers, but utilises different materials to allow divers to propel themselves forwards while gliding in the water.

A video of the suit shows free diver Pierre Frolla smoothly floating through the water, seemingly enjoying a greater range of effortless movement.

Its designer explains on his website:

"This project shows the similarities between the air & water environments finding their main difference with density. Then a smooth and slow flight express how powerfull are the emotions & feelings that the underwater world generates on human being."

So there you are.

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