Unsure where to plan your next family trip? If the thought of organising the big summer holiday makes you want to retreat under the duvet, don’t worry; holidays with the kids can be relaxing, adventurous, luxurious and fun. Travel expert Tom Marchant, co-director of tailored travel company Black Tomato has shared his wisdom when it comes to planning family travel that works for all ages. "With your time off becoming increasingly precious in these days, we’re seeing a new generation of families who want more from their holidays than just an escape from the daily grind,” explains Tom.

His tips prove that being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to put your travel ambitions on hold - that once-in-a-lifetime trip is something that you can share with the kids.

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  • Get Off The Beaten Track

    “We’re seeing a trend in families seeking out more authentic travel experiences that will inspire rather than distract their children,” <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/"> says Tom</a>. “There are plenty of unexpected destinations that are kid-friendly without being completely kid-focused that offer incredible experiences that will excite kids and grown-ups of all ages. Follow in the footsteps of Darwin himself and visit the Galapagos Islands—perfect for any budding zoologist. Heading to Australia? Try going walkabout with Aboriginal tribes in Australia. Or if you fancy a safari then why not meet the young Massai and learn of their ‘rites of passage’— even in our well-travelled world, there are still opportunities to find truly unique experiences, as long as you know where to look.”

  • Find A Helping Hand

    “Sometimes just getting your family out of the door can feel like an impossible task, let alone planning an entire holiday. This is where travel specialists come in,” <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/">says Tom</a>. “For example we make sure that every single visa, airport transfer, flight and hotel is booked and ready to go so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.”

  • Be Prepared – And Do Your Research

    “The new generation of family traveller is not boxed in by perceived limitations, but even the most intrepid traveller needs to do their research”, <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/">warns Tom</a>. “Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and you don’t want to arrive in your destination to find yourself stuck in the monsoon season or in the middle of an unwanted national holiday.”

  • Get Physical

    “Nothing brings a family closer than a thrilling physical challenge and in our internet age we’re seeing an increasing number of parents eager to get to get their children to ditch the computer games and explore the great outdoors. From jungle trekking in Borneo to hiking the cracks and boulders of Yosemite National Park, there are plenty of exhilarating trips to choose from these days.”

  • Learn Something New

    “For a trip that your children will truly cherish forever, why not try giving them a new perspective or introduce them to a new sport?” <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/">suggests Tom</a>. “Experiences that can ignite new passions and hobbies.”

  • Go Wild

    “A safari is a classic option for that big family adventure but if you truly want to capture their imagination then give them a safari holiday with a twist. Swap your traditional 4x4 for a quad bike and skid across the plains of South Africa or grab a canoe and see the Big Five in action from the water in the magnificent Selinda Spillway in Botswana—there’s nothing better than ending the day hotly debating your favourite wildlife encounters of the day.”

  • Find A Good Crèche

    “There’s no need to wait until children are walking and talking to take that trip of a lifetime—there are plenty of resorts and hotels that offer spectacular kids club facilities to keep the younger travellers entertained and give you a well-deserved rest.”

  • On The Road

    “One of my favourite choices of holiday for 2013 is the quintessential road trip. For kids that are happy in a car, America’s West Coast offers the ideal combination of adventure and incredible scenery. From behind the bars of San Francisco’s Alcatraz to the majesty of Big Sur, the constant change in scenery is sure to keep the whole family entertained. You can even make the obligatory day trip to Disneyland and be back sipping cocktails in Santa Monica by sundown.”

  • Something For The Weekend

    “You don’t have to travel half way across the world to create a family holiday that will stick in the memory bank—a quick trip or city break can offer just as many rare and memorable experiences for even the most discerning (and tiny) travellers”, <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/">suggests Tom</a>. “ For something more exotic, a quick flight to Marrakech gives kids a chance to revel in the chaos of the souk, ride camels, and try their first tagines. “

  • Time To Yourself

    “As parents look to enrich and inspire their children’s lives with travel, they too often forget to include time to themselves in their busy schedule. A holiday should be just that and it’s important to give yourself some downtime while the kids are entertaining themselves. Indulge in a spa treatment or try an evening of wining and dining in a gourmet restaurant.”