family holidays

I've got a secret to tell. Only to a few of you, not to everyone. I don't want everyone knowing this and making it impossible to book but I do want some recognition for finding the best thing since sliced bread for families! They don't advertise in the UK, so most are in the dark about what really is on offer for summer mountain holidays with children - especially very young ones
I am very much of the opinion that hotels and toddlers do not mix. We've had the odd night at a Lenny Henry themed hotel off a motorway to break up an intolerable long journey but the thought of a week in a hotel with a little one or two doesn't appeal.
So what's the answer? Should we take our offspring on child-friendly holidays involving a whole week spent in soft play and touring round toy shops? Or a week sat round a swimming pool whilst a man dressed as a dog provides daily entertainment? I can't really think of anything worse.
Can I turn back the clock please? I don't mean I want to revert back to my life before Mr S and the Rockstar but maybe just
And yet, here I am - genuinely excited at the prospect of riding a bike (most likely with a friggin trailer attached) around a hilly forest and dining in restaurants with connected soft play areas - for four whole days.
Three in ten parents have gone on holiday without their partner.
Parents are having to resort to travelling without their partners when holidaying with their kids, due to pressures at work
Those kids' presenters you only see on TV? Yep, they'll be there.
Festivals become slightly different when you have children. Yes there's the music, the camping, the food stalls and unique
Summer holiday season is upon us. Magazines are bursting with features on how to achieve the perfect bikini body, select the best beach read and pack a chic capsule wardrobe. But these fun, frivolous concerns seem like a distant memory to mothers with small children about to embark on a week in the sun.