Camp Bestival 2016: 11 Things You Only See At The Dorset Family Festival

Those kids' presenters you only see on TV? Yep, they'll be there.

Festivals become slightly different when you have children.

Yes there's the music, the camping, the food stalls and unique attractions, but there's also the toddlers' areas, soft play and kids' entertainers in the mix.

New mums heading to Camp Bestival this year will be pleased about the 'Breastival Mother And Baby' chill out area.

And it's not just new mums who can experience a bit of relaxation - all parents will be pleased there's the 'Slow Motion' zone where you can find a moment of zen in your weekend of madness.

So whether you've been to the festival before or you're heading there for the first time, here's a few things you'll no doubt see during the weekend.

That Huge Festival Sign
Joseph Okpako via Getty Images
FYI: your kids WILL want to climb on the letters and take pictures with it every time you walk by, but on the plus side it will become your foolproof meeting point throughout the weekend.
Kids Running Around Everywhere
Caitlin Mogridge via Getty Images
No matter what garden you choose - the Upper Kids' Garden for the little ones or the Lower Kids' Garden for older kids - there will be children. Everywhere. Running around. Don't say we didn't warn you.
Festival Fireworks
Joseph Okpako via Getty Images
The fascination of fireworks never grows old with kids, so the display on the last day of the festival will leave them feeling over the moon.
Fairground Rides Galore
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Thank goodness for ways to keep your kids occupied. The Lower Kids' Garden will have rides that your kids literally won't be able to get off. Expect queues (soz).
Those Kids Presenters You Only Usually See On TV
Joseph Okpako via Getty Images
You know those faces you know so well from the TV? You'll end up seeing them in the flesh. Just like Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble here.
The Infamous Literary Institute Tent
Caitlin Mogridge via Getty Images
Authors, poets and other inspirational speakers come together in a relaxing tent. Oh, and it gives parents time-out from entertaining.
Kids On Shoulders Constantly
Rob Ball via Getty Images
When there are acts, singers, entertainers or comedians on the stage and your kids want to see them, they will request to be put on your shoulders. Deal with it.
Arts And Crafts Tents
Caitlin Mogridge via Getty Images
Be prepared to get messy (or let the helpers give you a hand) with glue, paints, paper, stickers and everything else you can think of in the crafty tents.
All The Fancy Dress
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Don't expect to head to the festival with your usual clothes and not feel left out. Camp Bestival is allll about fancy dress (and this year's theme is 'Outer Space').
Chillout Zones (Phew)
Caitlin Mogridge via Getty Images
The team behind Camp Bestival knows only too well that sometimes, parents just need a bit of "me" time. Thankfully they've created their own 'Slow Motion' zone to give mums and dads the chance to slow down, recharge and recoup.
New Mums Area (Hooray!)
Vladimir Godnik via Getty Images
New mums, rejoice. There's a designated space for you and your babies to chill out, feed, change nappies and do whatever you please. Look for the 'Breastival Mother and Baby Area'.

HuffPost UK are proud to partner with Camp Bestival 2016. This year, Bestival’s hugely popular holistic zone, Slow Motion will be making its debut at Camp Bestival, with HuffPost UK hosting The Yoga Shala and Zen Den.

See the full Camp Bestival line-up and find out how to buy tickets here.

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