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Mass Sperm Freezing is Not an Answer: Fertility Education Is the Solution

Dr Geeta Nargund | Posted 07.07.2015 | UK Parents
Dr Geeta Nargund

I was deeply concerned to read the proposal by Dr Kevin Smith last week, that young men should consider freezing their sperm, around the age of 18 with the promise of artificial fertility even in old age.

Encouraging a Reluctant Reader: Top 10 Tips

Isabelle Lee | Posted 07.07.2015 | UK Parents
Isabelle Lee

I am going to assume that you know the basics of making sure you have lots of books at home, that you read every day to your child (with enthusiasm!) and that you have books that interest your child. Beyond that, here are my Top 10 Tips...

12 Things I've Learnt During My Kid's First Year at School

Claire Kirby | Posted 07.07.2015 | UK Parents
Claire Kirby

Summer Holidays are around the corner and it's been 9 months since I said my first goodbye to my son with a lump in my throat at the classroom door. Whilst he has undoubtedly learnt so much, it's fair to say it's been a pretty steep learning curve for Mummy too!

How Can Technology Bridge Existing Gaps, Not Create New Divisions?

Dr Natalia Kucirkova | Posted 03.07.2015 | UK Tech
Dr Natalia Kucirkova

New technologies can inspire and facilitate teaching, working arrangements and communication, but they can also introduce new kinds of crime, disorders and anti-social behaviour.

Tesco Plaster 'Ripped The Skin' Off A 2-Year-Old's Face

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 03.07.2015 | UK Parents

A mother has claimed her two-year-old son may be "scarred for life" after a Tesco plaster "ripped the flesh from his face" and the wound became infect...

Actress Tamera Mowry Has Given Birth To Second Child

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 02.07.2015 | UK Parents

Actress Tamera Mowry, most commonly known for her role in Sister, Sister has given birth to her second child with husband Adam Housley. The 36-year...

No Beach Break For Young Girl Who Is Allergic To Sand

PA | Posted 01.07.2015 | UK Parents

While other people are rushing to Britain’s beaches this week to bask in the heat, Sarah Quinnen said she will not take her 10-year-old daughter Ame...

Special Needs Mums Are Miserable Moaners With Greasy Hair

Alison Bloomer | Posted 01.07.2015 | UK Parents
Alison Bloomer

Obviously, I don't think that parents of children with special needs are miserable moaners with greasy hair. Well not always. As for the greasy hair, I mean it in the metaphorical sense. In the way that, because of our offspring, we are sometimes viewed to be a bit downtrodden, frumpy, burdened, the underdog, the one (gasp) who is not much fun to be around.

The Irreversible Reality of Time

Fiona Chick | Posted 01.07.2015 | UK Parents
Fiona Chick

For years the years seem to have been passing by more rapidly than the last. As a child, I remember adults commenting on how quickly I had grown, and how time was flying, but I never really got it.

Boy With A Speech Disorder Struggles To Make Friends, Mum Finds A Way To Throw Him The Best Birthday Party

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 30.06.2015 | UK Parents

A mother posted an open invitation for her son's 10th birthday party on Facebook because his speech condition has made it hard for him to make friends...

Excessive Dog Poo On School Route Sprayed Pink To Warn Of Danger

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 30.06.2015 | UK Parents

Parents weren't pleased after finding an increasing amount of dog poo on a busy school route pathway their children use every day. The route leadi...

Education Cannot Wait When Conflict Hits

Aaron Benavot | Posted 29.06.2015 | UK
Aaron Benavot

It's complicated, and we face a huge challenge to attract greater funds for schooling and teaching in conflict. But that shouldn't scare us off. The needs are huge, and we must use that as inspiration, rather than as a barrier, to our ambitions. Education cannot wait in times of an emergency. We have no time to lose.

Babies Casually Being Sick Is Something Every Parent Can Relate To

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 29.06.2015 | UK Parents

As a parent, you can be doing anything with your child, using the computer, playing games, sleeping... And then all of a sudden, without warning, they...

Are You Taking Your Fun, Safety and Security For Granted?

Jasmine Dotiwala | Posted 29.06.2015 | UK
Jasmine Dotiwala

You were once a child and may have children now. We all had a childhood. Usually filled with learning, playing, making friends and having fun. PIC C...

The Female Face of Low Pay

Kitty Ussher | Posted 26.06.2015 | UK Politics
Kitty Ussher

There is work to be done to break the low pay trajectory of women who never properly get themselves into a situation to be able to work full time. This is about free pre-school childcare, and the ability to retrain while at the same time having an income and sorting out a family: issues which our benefits system has traditionally found it hard to grapple with.

Even Supermodels Such As Kate Moss Embarrass Their Kids

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 26.06.2015 | UK Parents

Kate Moss's daughter has admitted that her supermodel mother can actually be pretty "embarrassing". Moss's 12-year-old daughter, Lila-Grace, was o...

48 Definitions of Being a Mother

Claire Kirby | Posted 25.06.2015 | UK Parents
Claire Kirby

On good days being a mother it's full of smiles and laughter and cuddles, on bad days it's full of tears and tantrums from both the small people and me. On normal days it's busy, loud and always unpredictable.

The Boy Shot in a Rio Favela - One Year On, What's Changed?

Beth McLoughlin | Posted 25.06.2015 | UK
Beth McLoughlin

The process of pacification for Gabriel and his neighbours may be entering its second phase as the Olympics approaches, but the community is still a long way from peace.

If You're A Working Mum, You Actually Help Your Daughters To Thrive

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 25.06.2015 | UK Parents

Daughters of working mothers have better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those taised by stay-at-home mothers, a new study has f...

Mum Warns About Lyme Disease Symptoms After A Facebook Post 'Saved Her Son's Life'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 25.06.2015 | UK Parents

A mum want to raise parents' awareness of the symptoms of Lyme disease, after she found "bullseye" spots on her one-year-old's temples, legs and arms....

Adorable Little Girl Perfectly Recreates Shia LaBeouf's Motivational Video

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK Comedy

This little girl is an excellent actress. She might even be better than Shia LaBeouf. SEE ALSO: Shia Laboeuf's Weird Motivational Video Is Getting...

When It Comes to Allergies and Children, a Little Bit of What They Fancy Can Be Harmful

Bunmi Scott | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK Parents
Bunmi Scott

It's gotten to the point now that I feel uncomfortable explaining for the 100th time exactly what kinds of foods they can't eat and that the epipen that we have to carry for my son is about life or death, and is not a deterrent or cure.

Most Kids Think Computer Games Are Exercise *Face Palm*

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK Parents

The future generation is at risk of spending too much time with technology, as it has been revealed that nearly a quarter of young people think playin...

Child Neglect: A Surge in Public Opinion

Sir Tony Hawkhead | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK
Sir Tony Hawkhead

Child neglect has been staring us in the face for too long. Headlines relate the tragic stories of children who grow up shockingly deprived and, in extreme cases, die because of neglect. These children not only lack basic essentials like nutritious food and adequate clothing, they also lack the love, support and warmth that every youngster needs to thrive.

Children in Care - Prison Isn't Destiny

Kevin Williams | Posted 23.06.2015 | UK Politics
Kevin Williams

It's much harder to allow them to fail, it's much more effort to turn the other cheek, and I hope that this review will shine a light on many of the steps we can all take towards supporting young people and helping them to achieve their dreams.