Mark Wahlberg has revealed that the script is ready for the hotly-awaited 'Entourage' movie, which sees all the familiar faces "getting back to the guys being guys".

The 'Entourage' movie will reunite the stars of the hit TV show, promises producer Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg, who exec produced the popular show which ran for seven series as well as making the odd cameo appearance, added that he's open to the idea of making a second film "and hoping we don't screw it up like 'Sex and the City 2'".

A cameo for Wahlberg?

The hit show starred Adrian Grenier as rising actor Vincent Chase, who collected his childhood friends around him in LA on a semi-employed basis - his manager E (Kevin Connolly), his driver Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), his 'chef' and brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon). Together, they took on the challenges and delights of Hollywood life, with lots of cameo roles from big stars, and the singular efforts of Vince's manager Ari Gold, played with award-winning flair by Jeremy Piven (currently the UK's Mr Selfridge).

"We'll start shooting around the end of the summer," reported Wahlberg, in London for the release of his new film 'Broken City'. "It's never finished. We never wanted it to end, and we've always had people complain the episodes are too short, but it got tricky. 'Sex and the City' did a great job on the first movie, but it's tough.

Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier, centre) and his motley crew

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"If we get back to what people really loved about the show which is the guys... over the years they developed great relationships with female characters, but it was essentially about the guys... so we're going to get back to that. If we don't do it bad, I think we'll be ok."

Will he appear himself, as he did occasionally in the TV series? "They've written a cameo for me as myself, appearing as a television producer, with someone trying to get a job from me... so, if they want me to do it, of course."

Can 'Entourage: The Movie' compete with these?

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    <strong>Length between sequels</strong>: 6 years Six years after "Lethal Weapon 3," Mel Gibson and Danny Glover returned to the beloved action franchise for "Lethal Weapon 4." Despite opening to higher returns, "Lethal Weapon 4" wound up grossing $14 million less than its predecessor. There are currently no plans for a fifth film.

  • "Bad Boys"

    <strong>Length between sequels</strong>: 8 years The first "Bad Boys" was a modest hit in 1995, but that was before Will Smith became <em>Will Smith</em>. The 2003 sequel -- which reunited Smith and star Martin Lawrence -- earned $273 million worldwide despite an R-rating.

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