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KOCO's Alex Housden made the racist comment to Jason Hackett after a story about a primate at the Oklahoma City Zoo.
Some people just lose their head in front of a TV camera.
All went well for this BBC Scotland presenter until . . .
Election day 2017 saw a predictable barrage of propaganda headlines from Britain's predominantly right-wing press, pleading with readers to give queen Theresa the mandate she was demanding and administer a bloody good kicking to the socialist terrorist-hugging Corbyn.
Sir Trevor presented the news for more than three decades.
'News At Ten' veteran Trevor McDonald has revealed he wouldn’t be happy speaking in the chatty style of the programme as
Paris will get through this. History all but guarantees it. Mythology too. There's a siege in Saint Denis right now, a place named after a saint who had his head cut off at Montmartre, and who then picked up his erstwhile noggin and ran as far as he could with it (the cathedral there is apparently built where he landed).
Yesterday was a bad day for Sky News. But I've no doubt they will consider it a triumph - and I find that incredibly worrying.