George Galloway has hit the headlines on Thursday by storming out of a debate at Oxford Union saying "I don't debate with Israelis".

It's certainly not the first time the Bush-hating, rape-redefining, feral feline impersonating, Canada evictee has ruffled a few feathers.

Here are some of his finer moments...

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  • Homosexuality In Iran

    Galloway once claimed "homosexuals are not executed in Iran, just rapists".

  • Phone Hacking

    Galloway settled out of court with the News of the World after being told he had been targeted by private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, as part of the wider phone hacking scandal.

  • Galloway was denied entry to Canada in 2009 on "security grounds" due to his work with Palestinian charities.

  • Oil For Food

    In 2003 a story in the Telegraph suggested Galloway had £375,000 per year from the proceeds of the Oil-for-Food Programme and had met with Iraqi intelligence agents. He denied the claims and later successfully sued the paper.

  • Julien Assange Rape Allegations

    Last year Galloway suggested Julien Assange wasn't guilty of allegations of rape against him but had simply demonstrated "bad sexual etiquette".

  • Getting Egged

    Everyone loves a good egging.

  • US Senate Hearing

    We mock him, but you can't deny that the man can make a point

  • Galloway had a running feud with Christopher Hitchins. Here he is claiming "George Bush is pretending to be a Christian".

  • On Gay Rights And Hugo Chavez

    Wednesday's Oxford debate exit wasn't the first time he has spoken there. Here he is losing it last year.

  • "Would You Like ME To Be The Cat"

    Oh God...

  • He's also an MP in case you'd forgotten.