Bat Mouse Hovers In Mid-Air Using Magnets (PICTURES)

04/03/2013 15:11 | Updated 04 May 2013

There are already plenty of ways to control a computer without a mouse - whether its touch-based gesture controls or the fused minds of two rats.

But this might make you want to return to the humble rodent.

It's the work of Kibardin Design, who say the mouse would float about an inch and a half above the mousepad, and wouldn't drop all the way to the ground when in use with your hand.

No, it isn't a real product yet - and no, we have no idea if it would actually work.

But as the designers point out, there is a role here for a device which is able to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury.

Take a look at more images of the Bat Mouse below.

Bat Mouse
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