BioShock Infinite is by all accounts one of the very best new games of the year - possibly ever.

By taking the same narrative quality of the original BioShock, and placing the action in a stunning floating city environment, Irrational Games has come up with a compelling new story and world to explore.

Unfortunately for those of your with a pacifist's heart, it's also a fairly violent world. As with previous BioShock games you're going to have to do a lot of killing to get to the secrets beneath (or above, or within) Columbia's surface, and learn to use superpower bestowing 'Vigors' to your advantage.

As with any classic game, BioShock is yours to explore on your own terms. But if you want a guide early on - or you're more interested in the story than the shooting - we've got you covered too.

BradyGames, who produced the official Limited Edition and Signature Series strategy guides, have produced a list of 10 tips to get your started with the new game.

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  • Tip 1

    Possession is a very powerful tool, so be sure to upgrade it early and use it to possess humans to fight for you. This distracts any other foes in the area and also rids you of the enemy that you possessed—they commit suicide when the effect wears off.

  • Tip 2

    Put Vigor traps on the ground and walls, and lure foes into them by backtracking and holding a position behind them.

  • Tip 3

    Use Vigors in combination with other Vigors. Devil’s Kiss paired with Possession turns one of your foes into a walking firestorm, spreading flames onto all of your immediate foes.

  • Tip 4

    Use the Murder of Crows Vigor against melee enemies. This Vigor slows them down and distracts them, so you can punish them from a distance.

  • Tip 5

    Always check every searchable container for valuable goods that will restore your Salts and Health.

  • Tip 6

    Make sure that one of your weapons has a large ammo supply, or it is a weapon that is often dropped by foes. This is the best way to make sure that you don’t run out of ammo.

  • Tip 7

    Don’t always move straight into a fight. Some battles feature warring factions that will eliminate each other, so you can wait until they thin each other out before you engage what it left of them.

  • Tip 8

    If you are overwhelmed by enemies, do not be afraid to run away, recharge your shield, regroup, and resupply. Playing carefully will lead to less frustration in the long run.

  • Tip 9

    Remember where you drop a needed weapon, so you can go back and get it later.

  • Tip 10

    You can move across a battlefield quickly by using the Sky-Lines, even if you only jump on to them for a moment.