Songs For An Impending Nuclear War (SPOTIFY PLAYLIST)

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Firstly, let us start by saying that there's nothing funny about nuclear war.

In fact, we think Simon Le Bon said it best when he uttered the immortal line: "You're about as easy as a nuclear war". Exactly, Simon.

That said: one of the ways we can cope with the the utter bleakness of the world right now - what with its benefit cuts, brutal deaths and, yes, threat of nuclear war - is to make like Blackadder and laugh in the face of fear, tweak the nose of Kim Jong Un... and make a Spotify playlist.

From Marvin Gaye to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, click play below for a selection of 25 rousing/bleak/rousingly bleak songs about the end of the world, nuclear-style. Kicking off with some wise words from the late, great Tom Lehrer...

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