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South Korean officials said the building, just north of the border, had been destroyed.
The country has accused Washington of “misleading public opinion.”
Most of the missing are Iranians, all from the tanker.
Online searches for “going to war” are also spiking.
A picture released from the country's news agency KCNA claimed to show the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un "signing" an order
Driven to desperation by family troubles or business failures, six South Korean men, and one woman, risked their lives by
In recent weeks South Korean media has been awash with stories concerning an explosive story; The case of Lee Seok-Gi. The lawmaker has been accused of conspiracy to commit armed rebellion and has labelled a 'jongpuk' (종북 - a derogatory term for a North Korean sympathiser/apologist).
North Korea is to try a US citizen on charges of trying to overthrow the government, its official news agency has reported
Whilst we fret over all-out war, mutually assured destruction and ridiculous pictures of Kim Jong-Un sitting on assorted weaponry, we forget that North Korea's nuclear programme has already had disastrous consequences, even before a missile has been fired in anger.