Crop tops, denim jackets, crap hair: nineties fashion is like so in right now, but what about the crazes which weren't included in the second coming?

Whatever happened to yikes pencils, S Club Juniors and Gareth Gates? And why was Saturday night telly just so darn good?

We asked what your favourites 90s memories were and you provided us with a plethora of cringe moments, awful singers and bad fashion.

If you'd like your memories added, tweet us @HPUKStudents and you'll appear in our article.

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  • Alex Courtnage

    @HPUKStudents pokemon (generally), freddos being 10, ludicrously cringey boybands, dial-up broadband, dreadful haircuts, kenan and kel :D

  • Hannah B

    @HPUKStudents Jelly shoes. I just remembered jelly shoes. They had buckets of them outside shops. I had purple sparkly ones

  • Florence Christie

    @HPUKStudents art attack, flares, pokemon cards, spice girls, friends the first time round.

  • Alistair Cook

    @HPUKStudents @HPUKStudents tartan trousers, doc martins, colored laces, CDs for 20 pounds #90smemories

  • Jonny Matthews

    @HPUKStudents Pokemon, TLC, Chucklevision, yoyos, Spice Girls, Boy Zone, Barney and Friends

  • Abi Shandran

    @HPUKStudents Boybands

  • Laura Palmer

    @HPUKStudents the generation of the charity shop baby - everything was too baggy or too tight.

  • angie holland

    @HPUKStudents no mobiles tv like funhouse without health and safety police. Tie dye indie fashion, boy bands, oasis and blur

  • Neil Morrison

    @HPUKStudents Byker Grove, Bomber jackets, Vanilla Ice, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Point Horror books, & Sonic the Hedgehog #90smemories

  • Lauren Hossack

    @HPUKStudents leggings with stirrups, the kid in your class with curtains, REALLY WANTING a Gap jumper #90smemories