Helen Flanagan Poses For Her Zillionth Underwear Shoot After FHM Sexiest Women Win (PICTURES)

02/05/2013 14:40

One of these days, Helen Flanagan may do a photoshoot with her clothes ON.

However, while we wait for that occasion to arrive (and we doubt we'd recognise her anyway), we can only show you new half-naked pictures of the former 'Coronation Street' star.

helen flanagan sexy lingerie shoot

We know, you're as disappointed as we are.

The new shoot is all a familiar H-Flan-in-just-her-knickers-and-bra sort of affair, although someone clearly got a bit overexcited with that kohl pencil.

helen flanagan sexy lingerie shoot

In case you hadn't noticed/are living under a stone, Helen has just been crowned the sexiest woman in the UK by FHM readers, so we can probably expect to see even more of this sort of thing over the coming months.

We can't wait... *groans*.

Helen Flanagan

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