TV Tonight: The Politician Or The Husband - Whose Side Are You On, David Tennant Or Emily Watson?

02/05/2013 12:03 | Updated 02 July 2013

Tonight's episode of 'The Politician's Husband' finds Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant) still reeling from the brutal act of disloyalty shown him on national TV by his wife Freya (Emily Watson).

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As a result of this single act of wifely betrayal, viewers will see Hoynes engaging in the most un-husband-like of behaviours in tonight's episode. Freya may match him most of the way stroke for stroke, but even she may be surprised by the depths to which he is willing to stoop.

Which all makes you wonder, whose side would you be on? The husband, whose political ambitions were vanquished at a stroke by a man he thought was his best friend, or the wife, whose only crime seems to be speaking her mind and trying to have a career of her own? Let us know in the Poll below...

The Politician's Husband continues tonight at 9pm, BBC2. Pictures below...

The Politician's Husband
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