Harry Styles has debuted a new look for his ankles, with the lyrics to George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' etched across them.

The One Direction star showed off his foot art as he walked off a private yacht in Miami.

harry styles

George Michael's lyrics "Never gonna dance again" were written around the front of Harry's ankles, although it's unclear whether the words were a tattoo or just drawn on in ink.

Harry was pictured wearing an open checked shirt that showed off the butterfly tattoos on his chest and a pair of white shorts, but went barefoot giving a better view of his ankle decorations.

harry styles

One Direction stayed on the 90ft yacht worth a reported £1.5 million for 24 hours ahead of a gig in Florida.

one direction topless

Recently Harry's tattooist Freddy Negrete said the pop star's back was the most likely area to get inked next.

Freddy said: "He just can't seem to stop tattooing at the moment, but he's getting worried they're all too front-heavy so it's definitely his back we'll be concentrating on."


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