Thank goodness photobombing Her Majesty the Queen isn't treasonous or punishable by a stint in the Tower of London. Otherwise the Duchess of York's youngest daughter might be in a spot of bother:

princess eugenie queen

Was Princess Eugenie determined to upstage her grandmamma? Or could she simply not resist the presence of cameras at Royal Ascot?

Either way, we confess we rather like it. And of course, young Eugenie is carrying on in fine celebrity tradition - just take a look at this little lot...

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  • Beatle Bomb

  • Cera Bomb

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  • Douglas Bomb

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  • Will's Wedding Bomb

  • Hoff Bomb

  • Grohl Bomb

  • Jack Black Bomb

  • Belushi Bomb

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  • Mini Bomb

  • Spade Bomb

  • Tyson Bomb

  • Jake Bomb

  • Spacey Bomb

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