Japan's Biggest Beauty Trend: Bagel Head Injections

11/07/2013 19:21 | Updated 22 May 2015

Ever heard of a 'bagel head' injection? No, neither had we, but the bizarre beauty trend has taken Japan by storm.

If you're wondering how this works, it basically leaves a bagel-shaped circle on the forehead, hence the name (suddenly, bagels are no longer our favourite snack).

National Geographic's Taboo show has filmed the procedure, which starts with a saline injection in the forehead. The bump is then creating by pressing into the centre of the saline blob and voila, you've got your bagel.

Once the body has absorbed the saline, the bagel disappears. However, permanent or not, would you try this latest trend? Watch the video below (warning: do not watch if you have a fear of needles) and let us know your thoughts in a comment.

See more weird beauty treatments in the gallery below:


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