Miranda Kerr Strikes A Pose In First Campaign For Mango

21/11/2017 06:41 GMT

Just in: Miranda Kerr's first ad campaign for Mango has landed and as expected, she looks sickeningly perfect in each and every shot.


After kicking off her new job with a photocall in Madrid yesterday, we thought there might be some more ripped jeans on the cards. That's not forgetting the staple slouchy blazer, snug knitwear and mid-riff baring crop top. (Surely this was made with Kerr in mind?).


We're not sure that Kate Moss ever did much of the nail-biting thing pose, but we think Miranda was the right girl for the job, don't you think?

Speaking about her new role, Miranda said, "I am very proud to have been chosen to represent a brand which embodies the idea of the strong, feminine and versatile woman, with so much personality and so inspiring". And that washboard stomach? It's down to "yoga... dancing and running" with her son. We've made a note.