11/07/2013 18:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

PICS: Former Escort Zahia Dehar Returns To Couture With More Revealing Lingerie

Zahia Dehar showcased her, uh, unique brand of lingerie as part of Couture week in Paris on Monday night.

If you're not sure who Zahia Dehar is or why that is noteworthy in terms of high fashion, here is a really helpful Venn diagram:

zahia dehar

And here is the lingerie:

Zahia herself took to the runway to model the final look - what AFP is terming "an infinitely-flattering second-skin dress, with white buttons running up its spine" and what Team MyDaily is struggling not to describe using words like "Mars Attacks" and "net curtain" and "overly accessible" and "sexy Miss Havisham roleplay scenario".

zahia dehar