Spritz! Power Woman Eau De Toilette

11/07/2013 20:44 | Updated 22 May 2015

If there was ever a perfume that has the ability to make you wish you were wearing anything with extra large power shoulders, this is it.

Swedish brand Oriflame is launching its latest fragrance - aptly named Power Woman - with the promise to give "irresistible charm" and "undivided power" in one quick spritz. Charm and power? Great! Just what every girl needs... a perfume that makes her smell like she's powerful...


Best worn with a pointy shoulder, big hair and clip-on earrings, rose, ginger and patchouli can be identified, with just a hint of the Eighties thrown in. It's got a spicy kick which says, "I'm going to walk all over you" mixed with a mustiness of a corporate boardroom. It's not exactly light and floral but then again, that's not what this perfume is about.

So - who should wear it? Definitely not girls on dates (it's too intimidating) or for drinks with your BFF (too dominating). To sum it up nicely, Power Woman evokes "an image of sexual winner, who knows what she wants", or so the stockist website suggests.

And the TV star who springs to mind with one sniff of Power Woman? It's got Joan Collins in Dynasty written all over it.


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