Spritz! Chance Eau De Parfum By Chanel

18/07/2013 18:48 | Updated 22 May 2015

Chance by Chanel is the perfect perfume to see you effortlessly through your twenty-somethings. Not quite as mature as the classic No.5 or the new 1932, Chance is a scent brimming with youthful jasmine and vanilla teed off with the grown up aroma of white musk.

chance by chanel review

The girl who wears Chance Eau De Parfum is confident, probably works in the arts and decorates her shabby chic studio apartment with freshly cut flowers, postcards and occasionally listens to French jazz. She's at home in the city whether it be London, Paris or even New York, but wouldn't turn her nose up at a ramble in the countryside... Well, if there was a pub lunch and a glass of wine waiting for her at the end.

Also, this perfume is amazingly good value - a spritz of Chance on the neck and wrists works from morning til night, and the sweet wafts of vanilla suit any occasion. For best results, dab on behind your ears before a hot dinner date with a mystery (and preferably Parisian) man. Because that's how you roll (obviously).



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