Friday 16 August is International Apostrophe Day - yes, it's come round again! - and what better way to celebrate than to gaze in awe at pictures of apostrophes out in the wild, roaming free away from their normal habitat?

Fortunately, some of these sights have been caught on camera by eagle-eyed grammar nazis all over the western world - and wrangled by blogs like Apostrophe Catastrophe and The War On Error, who provided the photos in our slideshow below.

So sit back, enjoy - and remember: an apostrophe is for life. Not just for Christma's.

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  • This sign has an amazing four (count 'em!) apostrophe fails...

  • ...whereas this sign only has three. Sad Cafe, indeed.

  • One of the best companies, yes. But not one of the most grammatically literate.

  • Starbucks, you really should know better. Especially given how many writers hang out in your branches.

  • But sadly, you're grammar isn't.

  • Friendly Ben really should learn when to use apostrophes before he starts telling kids how to read.

  • Is it?!

  • The weather forecast from Fox 25? Cloudy, with a chance of apostrophes.

  • Max say's this. We say: lose the apostrophe, Max. Kid's might read that sign.

  • The irony? Just too, too great.

  • According to clinical tests, 80% of Clinique signage doesn't get seen by a proofreader.

  • Is it? It is!

  • We see what you tried to do there, chip shop in Kenilworth. We also see that it sadly went wrong.

  • We think they mean people who organise farmers' markets.

  • And the feeling's/feelings right - right, ladies?! (Note: also marked down for using 'complementary' rather than complimentary'.)

  • Meanwhile, in Canada, someone's got <em>very</em> confused.

  • Is it?!

  • We get the impression they started off trying to write this in one way, changed their mind, and then thought 'What the hell'. So: what the hell.

  • Somehow, we expect better of Victoria's Secret.

  • The only thing sadder than a grammatically incorrect advertising sign? A grammatically incorrect, <em>expensive neon</em> sign.

  • Somewhere in America, some idiot's displaying this bumper sticker.

  • And finally, in Shrewsbury: a bunch of apostrophes go so horribly, horribly wrong that we can't <em>not</em> stop and look. Bravo, sign-writer!