Apple iPhone 5S Leaks: Latest Pics Of A Gold iPhone Are VERY Convincing (PICTURES)

23/08/2013 11:16 BST | Updated 23/10/2013 10:12 BST

If the rumours are to be believed we're less than three weeks from the introduction of the next iPhone. Everything we've heard is pointing to a September 10 event at which Apple will introduce a low-cost iPhone 5C, and an upgraded iPhone 5S that will come in white, black and gold.

At first we found that hard to believe - the idea of a gold iPhone reminded us more of the ultra-bling monstrosities like the one above, and not something Apple would make.

But now we've seen some very convincing leaks of the device - and we have to admit, it looks very swish. The pictures released by AppAdvice and Ascii show a gold version that isn't quite as bright and shiny as you'd fear. In fact the phone looks very tasteful, with a muted gold back that seems like a natural fit for the iPhone, and a nice change of pace in terms of design.

Of course nothing is confirmed - not even the event itself. But if this really is a hint at what's to come, count us excited...