It's Official, Vodka Makes You A Sudoku Genius - Next Stop, Mensa

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Remember those 'gourmet' meals you created while wasted after a night out only to find out it actually tasted like cat sick when eaten sober? Or the rambling voice messages you left for your ex because it seemed like The Best Idea Ever after a few drinks?

Alcohol may have a bad rep for making you do stupendously stupid things (and justifiably so) but a new study to test whether people were more creative after a few cocktails has revealed that yes, it might be true.

Participants were given bagels and a few vodka and cranberry drinks, and were then asked to solve various puzzles. They had their breath analysed for alcohol content to make sure it was a fair fight.

Discover Magazine reported the results of the study, saying: "The current experiment tested the effects of moderate alcohol intoxication on a common creative problem solving task, the Remote Associates Test (RAT). Individuals were brought to a blood alcohol content of approximately .075, and, after reaching peak intoxication, completed a battery of RAT items.

"Intoxicated individuals solved more RAT items, in less time, and were more likely to perceive their solutions as the result of a sudden insight. Results are interpreted from an attentional control perspective.”

What's the Remote Associates Test you ask? Click here to find out (it's strangely addictive).


Please drink responsibly - for more information, visit Drinkaware.

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