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Andrew Marr Show: Time To Ditch Music, Critics Say After Awkward Moment With French Singer Zaz

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The musical slot at the end of the Andrew Marr show has long been a subject of debate.

And critics of the feature were given some ammo on Sunday morning with a cringeworthy exchange featuring French singer Zaz.

As she perched on the sofa alongside Nigel Farage and Theresa May, Marr posed an elaborate question comparing cooking and pop music in Britain and France.

andrew marr

Zaz appeared with Theresa May and Nigel Farage

The singer smiled blankly, and replied: "I'm sorry, no good".

andrew marr

'Sorry, no good'

The musical ending to the Marr show has become known for excruciating shots of politicians nodding their heads in the background, which for some is a reason to keep it going.

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But not everyone was impressed:

Jamie Reed
For years, academics have sought a term with which to accurately describe that bit with the music at the end of ...

Sarah Knapton
Is there anything more toe-curlingly embarrassing than watching politicians awkwardly watching the music section on Andrew Marr?

Tim Shipman (Mail)
Dear Andrew Marr, NO MORE MUSIC!!!!!

Paul Waugh
French singer can't answer Qs. Yet more ammo for those who think shdn't have its musical section.

Marr sent her to prepare for her performance and instead grilled May and Farage, who clashed over immigration levels and human rights.

Farage said Michael Heseltine, who branded Ukip "racist" last week, was "an out-of-touch dinosaur".

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