Pope Francis May Preach Frugality, But A Cardinal's Finery Can Cost £15,000 (PICTURE)

08/10/2013 15:14 | Updated 08 December 2013

Pope Francis may lead a famously frugal existence, but things are not so thrifty in the big house.

He wears an ordinary priest’s robe and rides a bus to work, having given up his chauffeur-driven limousine.

But despite his pleas for church officials to follow his oft-delivered message about solidarity with the poor, splendour abounds.

Take for instant the sartorial tastes of Cardinal Raymond Burke, the chief judge of the Vatican’s supreme court.

Our friends at the Global Post have put together this infographic, showing just how splendid we’re talking. Around £15,000 to be precise.

cardinal raymond burke clothes


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