The singer called out the Vatican's double standards, saying it was "happy to make a profit" from the story of his life.
Pope Francis has held his first general audience with a live crowd in six months, as restrictions ease after the coronavirus pandemic. About 500 people attended, nearly all of them wearing masks and keeping social distancing.
Pop star Katy Perry revealed she’s a fan of Pope Francis during a trip to the Vatican on Saturday.
Pope Francis had a sweet treat ready on Monday for Rome’s poor and homeless residents — a scoop of gelato. 
Pope Francis closed the conference with a wide-ranging allocution that placed the human person at the heart of Europe and gave a characteristically clear, compassionate and understandable account of the moral issues involved in migration. Sadly, it seemed or the moment a beautiful vision beyond contemporary creativity, political will or grasp.
Only a handful of famous women get to wear white to the Vatican.
Afterward, as he met with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Trump said of the Pope: “He is something.” “We had a fantastic
Traditionally, when white smoke comes over the Vatican in St Peter's Square, Rome, it is the sign that the College of Cardinals
The legacy of Mother Teresa, born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in 1910 in present-day Macedonia, still lives throughout the world and her image is a source of encouragement and inspiration for many, but also of skepticism and criticism for some. There is a simplicity of service towards the poor that can be learned from her example, without having to idolize her.