Loughborough University Student Exec's Naughty Boy Video Is So Bad It's Gone Viral (YOUTUBE)

30/10/2013 16:38 | Updated 31 October 2013

A video of student union officers singing along to Naughty Boy's La La La in an attempt to boost membership numbers is SO bad it's gone viral.

The response to the YouTube video, which has already had more than 30,000 views, were so bad the student leaders had to disable the comments section.

Posting on student forum The Student Room, one member commented:

lsu exec video

Union President Josh Hurrell told the university's student paper The Epinal: "Unfortunately, this video has gathered a few negative comments.

"It is meant to be taken as a joke however I fear people think we are being serious.

"We use it for a memory game during the fresher presentations and it was well received during the presentations and at the international induction events that we played it at.

"Out of context it doesn’t seem to have the same effect."

We have to say, it is certainly a commendable effort and we managed 2.06 minutes. How long did you go for?

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