Call off the search! 2013's best Christmas advert has been found.

It's only 20 seconds long, and it's for Aldi's own brand champagne.

And we're guessing it didn't cost £7m to make...

(Via Twenty Two Words)


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  • A parody by Amateur Transplants

  • The after-shoot party for that John Lewis ad was, sadly, a disaster

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@mrdavidwhitley</a>.

  • The dramatic action movie trailer

    "In a world ravaged by war..." Yes, it's the action film remix - starring two of Hollywood's hottest actors as the hare and bear.

  • The John Lewis Christmas advert they didn’t want you to see

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@AngryBritain</a>.

  • The badger cull #1

    As its makers <a href="" target="_blank">HappyToaster</a> explain: "A not very subtle mash up between the new John Lewis advert and the government's desire to kill wildlife against science's better judgement."

  • The badger cull #2

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@davidschneider</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">@davidberesford</a>.

  • A parody by Stephen Frizzle

  • "Just watched the John Lewis Christmas advert. Did NOT see that ending coming."

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@moonjam</a>.

  • Don't wake up bears

    A warning from <a href="" target="_blank">RedShirt Films</a>.

  • The Hare with Amber Eyes and the Bear Called Pooh

    The funny folk at <a href="" target="_blank">@WstonesOxfordSt</a> tell the story of the book who had never seen Christmas.

  • Alternative ending to the John Lewis Christmas advert

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@FelicityMorse</a>.

  • "I think on reflection I'm glad they cut the final scene from the John Lewis Christmas Advert..."

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@Unnamedinsider</a>.

  • Mr John Lewis phones the ad agency

    "Did you even listen to my brief?" asks the man himself. "Last year, at least the snowman actually visited the store!" (By <a href="" target="_blank">@michaelduffy001</a>.)

  • "Can't wait for next year's John Lewis Christmas advert featuring the offspring of the bear and the hare."

    By <a href="" target="_blank">@Pandamoanimum</a>.